Businessman and husband of Bollywood actress #ShilpaShetty, Raj Kundra, was arrested on Monday by the #Mumbai police in a case related to alleged creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some apps, a senior official said.

It is also being reported that Raj Kundra had invested Rs 8 to 10 crore in the film industry.

She said, “I got a call from Umesh Kamat. He told me that he was creating a big web series that is owned by Raj Kundra. He further said that together with us, you will get a huge increase. The web series is based on love stories. On hearing this, I accepted the proposal. He then said he would take audition on video calls. As soon as it was time for the audition, he asked me for an audition without clothes.”

The model further explained, “I forgot it as a bad experience, but seeing what has been going on in the media for two or three days, I felt that I should come forward. It will be a good lesson for every girl. They should be told openly that you should not get involved in these things. Don’t get caught up in a racket that spoils your life.”

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