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DNHE also known as Diploma in nutrition and health education help people to acquire the healthy diet and good eating pattern. It extends past information-giving to nurture critical thinking, attitudinal change and functional abilities, as well as integrated activities to ease and allow health-conducive food behaviors and environments. Nutrition education occurs in many settings, targeting different people groups and using a number of channels, materials and tools. Adopting an experienced and theory-driven strategy enhances efficacy in attaining planned outcomes. Quite a few foundational knowledge and skills competencies are recognized for well-trained, successful nutrition teachers.

Health professionals have another function in teaching a person at the practice, community, or even long-term health-care center. The significant focus of the kind of nourishment isn’t facts and knowledge, but instead that the evolution of permanent behavioral changes. Here is the craft of nutrition instruction — breaking a huge body of knowledge into little, elements which are represented into a patient or customer at a speed and level, where they can absorb and use the data.

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Ignou DNHE Project

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