Hybrid Event

Picking the best hybrid event platform that can offer you exceptional features and functionalities is the first requirement to make your hybrid event interactive and engaging. They can offer you additional integrations for your in-person events in 2022, 2023, & beyond. A hybrid event will help you keep both the online and offline audience busy throughout the event.

Now the question arises of how to choose an online event solution that can be helpful in integrating engagement and interactivity opportunities in your event.

So, here is a comprehensive list of features and functionalities that you must look for while searching for the best hybrid event platform.

18 Features to Boost Interactivity and Engagement in Your Hybrid Event!

  • Virtual Booth:

You can create numerous virtual booths to share information about your brand’s products and services.

  • 1:1 and Group Chat:

Your attendees will be able to connect with the other participants using the chat option. They can create a group to communicate throughout the event with the other attendees as well as they can choose to interact 1:1 with the users.

  • Live Poll:

You can conduct a live poll over your virtual event platform. Furthermore, you need to create a list of questions with at least 2 to 4 answer options each. Hence, just share the questions with the organizers and they will keep polling during the live sessions.

  • Q&A Session:

You can also keep a separate question and answer session for the audience. Furthermore, all your participants can ask queries in this session related to your lecture topic directly to the speakers. Also, the hybrid event services suggest keeping session-specific Q&A in every session for 15 minutes.

  • Live Audio & Video Call:

It can be troublesome for your audience to interact via chat. So, the hybrid event software provides audio and video call opportunities. Now, your participants can connect with the speaker as well as the booth representatives via audio or video calling.

  • Chat Rooms:

You can create a chat room for your audience to let them join the section during break time. Furthermore, it will be helpful to keep your audience engaged and interactive even during the breaks.

  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler:

Let your audience book an appointment with anyone at the virtual event with pre-meeting scheduling. Furthermore, your attendees can schedule a meeting and get the date and time as per the available slot. They can reach your brand executives for any queries without hassle.

  • Third-Party Integration:

If you have chosen the right hybrid conference service, they will offer you ease and freedom to integrate any app or software into your event. Furthermore, you can increase engagement and interactivity opportunities with these incorporations. For instance, you can add Whatsapp, Zoom Meeting, MS Team, Google Meet, Hubspot, Razorpay, and more.

  • Gamification:

You can keep your audience entertained by integrating the various AR/VR-based games into your online event platform. Furthermore, your participants can enjoy the gamification and stay at your event till the end.

  • Clap and Hoot Sound:

It can be boring to sit and watch your speakers giving a lecture. Hence, you can provide your online audience with the clapping and hooting sound. They can use the sounds during a live session and encourage the speakers to share more.

  • Emoticon Reactions:

The hybrid summit platform also offers various emojis to keep your audience engaged even during the live sessions. Furthermore, they can share their experience with the speakers using different emojis.

  • Text and Video-Based Notifications:

You may have some changes, updates, announcements, and more to share with your audiences. But how to do that? Furthermore, you can use the Ticker feature, which can help to create personalized text and video-based notifications for your audience. It will appear as a pop-up on your online users’ device screen.

  • Social Wall:

You can integrate a social wall feature into your virtual event. Furthermore, your audience can watch various comments and discussions on social media platforms.

  • AR Photo Booth:

You can give your online audience the best gift of photos by adding an AR photo booth to your hybrid fair platform. Furthermore, they will be able to take selfies using the different background templates. They can download these photos and upload them to their social media channels. Also, they can create a gif using these photos in the photo booth without hassle.

  • Leaderboard:

You can make your online audience explore the endless opportunities you have shared on the virtual event platform using Leaderboard. Furthermore, you have to give scores to the various parts and sections of your event that your users can earn by reaching them. So, you can list all the top scores and increase the competition to reach the top. Also, you can make it more exciting by offering giveaways to the top scorers.

  • Networking Tables:

The hybrid meeting platform offers networking tables which are round-shaped tables with 2 to 8 seats for the audience. Furthermore, they can join the table by choosing suitable seats for them and discussing the assigned specific topic.

  • AI Matchmaking Tool:

Your online audience may find it boring to experience the complete event alone without making any friends. Hence, you can add the AI matchmaking tool to your event. Furthermore, it will analyze the complete demographic data of your attendees and match the people’s profiles as per their interests. So, they will get suggestions on whom they can make friends with and enjoy the entire event.

  • Business Card Exchange:

Everyone at the online event will be able to share their business card with anyone. Also, anyone can send the request to anyone to share the business card. Hence, it is completely based on approval. One has to approve the request to share their business card with anyone. This way, everyone will know who is taking their card and can ask for it as well in return.

So, these are the various features that you need to add to organizing an interactive and engaging hybrid event. Furthermore, you can get all the functionalities and more with the best hybrid event solutions. You just have to research, compare, and pick the most suitable solution for your


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