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Engineered timber products have been a mainstay in the construction industry for many years, but they are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for builders and homeowners alike. Their durability, affordability, and sustainability make them the ideal choice for a variety of projects. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why engineered timber products are the wave of the future and why leading suppliers of engineered timber products are leading the charge.

Strong and durable

When it comes to building materials, engineered timber products are a top choice. Leading suppliers of engineered timber products, like Koppers Performance Chemicals, have created innovative products that are strong and durable. Engineered timber products are designed to resist warping, shrinking, twisting, and other common problems associated with natural wood. This makes them ideal for use in structural applications where they need to stand up to weather, extreme temperatures, and the test of time. Engineered timber products also offer enhanced strength properties and greater load bearing capabilities than traditional lumber. As a result, they can be used in projects requiring superior strength, such as bridges and tall buildings. They are also resistant to fire, mold, and pests which adds to their appeal.

Natural beauty

Engineered timber products offer a unique combination of strength and durability with the beauty of natural wood. The natural grain, texture and colors of real wood can be preserved and enhanced through the process of engineering. Engineered timber products come in a wide range of shades and patterns, allowing you to choose from a variety of different looks. These products can be stained or painted in order to further customize their look. Furthermore, many engineered timber products are available with a protective finish that preserves the beauty of the wood, making it easier to maintain over time.

The use of engineered timber products helps reduce deforestation, as it allows for more efficient use of wood resources. These products are designed to last longer than traditional solid wood products, meaning fewer trees have to be cut down to produce them. By opting for engineered timber products, you can help reduce the impact of deforestation while still enjoying the beauty and warmth of natural wood.


Engineered timber products are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely eco-friendly. As an alternative to solid wood, engineered timber products are made from fast-growing and sustainable species of wood, such as poplar or pine. By utilizing these types of wood, fewer old-growth forests have to be logged, preserving the natural environment and wildlife habitats.

Additionally, engineered timber products are often made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified lumber. This certification ensures that the wood used in the product is sourced responsibly and sustainably. Companies that use FSC certified lumber are dedicated to responsible forest management practices. This ensures that the forests used to produce the wood are managed in a way that is safe for the environment and biodiversity.

Furthermore, engineered timber products can be recycled and reused when they reach the end of their lifecycle. They can be easily recycled and converted into other building materials, such as particleboard or plywood. This makes them an incredibly eco-friendly choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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