Born in Kenya and raised in Dubai, musician and singer/songwriter SAL is revolutionizing the English music scene in the Middle East. He has released a debut single as a solo artist called “That’s What I Like” and has collaborated with legendary Grammy Award groups like Black Street and 112. His music video was premiered on MTV Arabia to rave reviews, and he even won the prestigious AHLAN HOT 100 Influencers award twice! Find out more about this amazing artist from the Middle East below.
SAL’s Career Path
SAL began his career as an artist by challenging traditional norms in the UAE. He was the first English singing artist to be played on UAE radio stations when he started his career—something that was previously unheard of. His originality paid off when his music video was premiered on MTV Arabia to a high number of request, furthering his reputation as a major pioneer in English music in the Middle East.
The awards didn’t stop coming after that; SAL went on to win the AHLAN HOT 100 Influencers award two years consecutively, earning him the title “The Music Master” among fans. On top of that, he has worked with some of the biggest names in R&B including MIMS, Lloyd, J Boog, and Gyptian just to name a few.
What Makes SAL Different?
SAL stands out from other artists due to his unique combination of cultures and styles. He draws inspiration from both African rhythms and Arabic melodies which gives his sound an original flair that resonates with listeners all over the world. His mission is to bridge cultural gaps through music by creating something that speaks universally regardless of geographical barriers or language barriers.
SAL is truly one-of-a-kind artist whose sound combines African rhythms and Arabic melodies for a unique listening experience unlike any other out there today! He’s made tremendous strides since debuting with “That’s What I Like”—from winning prestigious awards like AHLAN HOT 100 Influencers to collaborating with some of R&B’s most legendary groups like Black Street and 112—and we can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve! If you’re looking for an artist who blends cultures together seamlessly through their music, then look no further than SAL!
To learn more about SAL or listen to some of his latest tracks visit any one of these social links below!


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